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Who are We?

The Small-Cap Conference Series was designed to present investors with real companies generating real earnings. These companies are some of the fastest growing corporations in Canada. There is a unique niche of small-cap companies that have been ignored by the investment community for decades. These companies generate strong and stable earnings and often post per share numbers that are better than many of the well-known blue chip companies which trade at several multiples of these unknown companies.

The Small-Cap Conference Series invites presenters from all industries including industrial, manufacturing, servicing, oil & gas, technology, mining and so forth... The Conference is sponsored by many analysts, newsletters, brokers, and trading houses - each with a unique focus on fundamental, small-cap investments.

During the Small-Cap Conference, you will have the opportunity to learn about fundamental investment criteria, technical analysis, industry trends, and to gain insights into the top picks of many analysts. You will have opportunity to attend brief company presentations of your choice.

Whether you are an individual investor, an investment club, a broker, or an analyst, you will be impressed with the quality of these presenting companies and the educational material presented at the Small-Cap Conferences. Come out and join hundreds of other investors in your area who appreciate quality companies which limit downside in small-cap investing while offering tremendous upside. Don't miss your chance to meet some of Canada's fastest growing companies.

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The Small-Cap Conference is pleased to be working together with many complementary organizations and groups in an effort to make each conference as successful as possible.